The Changing Status of Doctors
23.04.2017 07:00
Examines how the status of medical professionals has changed in history.

In the 1800s, the medical expert was recognized as an essential provider of support services. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, physicians were believed to act first for the needs of society. This paper shows that over the past thirty years, the physician's relationships with their patients have been drastically altered. On a personal level, doctors are often blamed for being uncaring, abrupt and hurried. On a "presumed or real" medical expertise level, the number of lawsuits has skyrocketed and physicians can barely afford to pay for their malpractice insurance. The paper shows that once people believed that medical decisions were grounded in good science and technically correct. Now, however, physicians' choices are based on experience and value judgments-preserving life, relieving suffering, maintaining health, promoting well-being or even ethical considerations. Never before has technology been so advanced and best for healthcare, but never before have Americans wanted a complete revamp of the medical field.

It does not appear that the future of medical care and physician status will be significantly changed, especially in the short term. The problem essay writing on customer service is the structure of medical care. Nothing more can be expected from a system where an ever-growing medical establishment, faced with both a healthier and older population has to medicalize normal events like menopause, converting risks into diseases, and treating trivial complaints with fancy procedures (Porter, p. 718)." Doctors and consumers are framed inside a fantasy that everyone has something wrong and everyone and everything can be cured. With such high expectations, doctors cannot win. "Medical consumerism-like all sorts of consumerism but more menacingly-is how write an essay about myself designed to be unsatisfying.""


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