Misuse of Oxycontin Essay
16.06.2017 12:01
An in-depth look at the trend of misuse of the drug Oxycontin in Florida.

This paper provides in-depth research into this problem. It explains the methods used in the research and how the conclusions were drawn from the information gathered. The paper analyzes the root of the problem and examines what can be done to prevent a growth in this trend. The writer concludes that the misuse of Oxycontin continues to be an issue in Florida and across the country. However, the manufacturer is taking measures to change the formula to help prevent abuse. They are also taking measures to educate patients and on-patients alike about the dangers of misusing this opioid.

Pain is a commonly expressed symptom by many patients for a variety of reasons, including post-surgery, arthritis, injury, etc. Most patients do not pursue the use of pain relievers on a consistent basis but rather use them as prescribed and as needed. However, as stated in my research proposal, the National Household Survey on Drug essay writer service Abuse indicates that an estimated 4 million people or 2 percent of the population, age 12 and older, currently use prescription drugs on a non-medical basis. Of this group, 2.6 million misused pain relievers.




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