Constraint-Induced Therapy and Hemiparesis
04.02.2017 07:53
This paper is a research proposal to study the impact of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy on hemiparetic patients.


This essay writer cheap paper explains that Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), or Constraint-Induced Therapy has become a promising choice for the treatment of patients with hemiparesis, especially after a brain insult such as a stroke; hemiparesis involves the partial impairment resulting from one side of the body being more affected than the other. The author points out that CIMT involves the constraint of the unaffected limb to stimulate use of the affected area by constraint and training to improve the ability of the affected limb. This paper relates that the proposed research will be a phenomenological, qualitative assessment study, will be of use to patients and practicing occupational and physical therapists. Table of Contents Research problem Study Proposal Research Question Research Design Sample Design Data Collection Data Reduction and Analysis Ethical Considerations Limitations of the Study Appendix A: Interview Guide Appendix B: Data Collection Sample Form Appendix C: Informed Consent Form

From the Paper:

"An examination of the literature surrounding CIMT essay speech about college life reveals that virtually all of the studies focus exclusively on measurements of improved performance. The only studies that acknowledge qualitative investigations do so in the context of recognizing the current lack of findings. In the context of the current literature on constraint-induced therapy it is important to recognize the lack of qualitative findings, and acknowledge the need for them as well. Therapy choices are only as effective as the patients they are used on. In the case of hemiparetic stroke patients, psychosocial impacts of therapies cannot be ignored."
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