Communication in Nursing
08.05.2017 03:03
This paper discusses communication in nursing specifically the use of Gibbs' 'Reflective Cycle' in a nurse's first placement.

This paper explains that dealing with people's lives can be a tremendous personal experience for those who are new to the profession and who are learning that communication can be a vital ingredient in life-saving healthcare procedures. The author points out that Gibbs' 'Reflective Cycle' defines six communication stages through which one may be able to learn a great deal from an experience in order to prevent unfavorable outcomes a best essay in subsequent experiences such as a nurse experiencing a gastroscopy for the first time. The paper stresses that there needs to be a greater emphasis on the way that trained staff should communicate with patients, particularly those that are distressed, thus setting a good example for nurses in their first placements. 

Though gastroscopy is a fairly simple process to undergo examination of the chest and upper abdominal region, several patients are afraid of it. In a manner of speaking they may be rightly afraid because of the fact that the process can be likened to a minor operation This is because of the fact that the patient has to be sedated for a successful gastroscopy to be conducted. Sedation as a requirement significantly disturbs children; they may feel drowsy up to 48 hours of the gatroscopy has been conducted. However, whether patients feel this way or not, the risk of undergoing gastroscopy is minimal. Hence, in order to https://essaylab.com/how_to_write_a_5_paragraph_essay make sure that patients undergo the required smoothly in the future, it would be advised that nurses in their first placements should apply Gibbs (1988) 'The Reflective Cycle'. This Reflective Cycle aids them in understanding completely what course of action to undertake in future placements.


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