Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
07.04.2017 08:25
Examination how to write essay about myself for interview of the play by Tenessee Williams and its major themes.

A study of Tennessee Williams' play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, about family conflict over issues of money, land, inheritance, and the continuation of the family. The paper presents these themes and shows that one important one is the theme of illusion, especially in love, with characters who live a lie and refuse to understand or acknowledge their true natures. Table of Contents Introduction Subject of the Play Theme of the Play Critical Views of the Play Early Critical Views Brick as Homosexual Ambivalent Relations with Women The Family at War Maggie's View Maggie's Battle with Brick Desire for a Child Maggie as Typical Williams Female Character Character Analysis Big Daddy and Big Mama Maggie https://essaylab.com/research_paper_help and Brick Similarities and Differences Illusion versus Reality Conclusion 

Tennessee Williams in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof depicts a family beset by conflicts based on sex, money, inheritance, and ties to the land. Different factions in the family vie for attention out of fear of losing money once the patriarch dies. Money is a major source of family conflict in this play, though there are other conflicts as well. In this play, the conflicts extend into the past and to earlier sins committed by the older members of the family. This suggests several divisions or opposing forces which can be identified in the play--youth versus old age, modernity versus tradition, change versus the status quo, and tensions tearing the family apart versus those keeping the family together. The plot develops around these forces, with different characters representing or supporting different forces in their behavior, the way Big Daddy represents tradition while the younger generation represents change. This contrast is heightened in terms of the theme of inheritance and the decision as to who will control the land and continue the family traditions.


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